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Suspended Signage – Once we have machined the forms through hot wire technology, sanding and surface preparation we move on to the finishing where we spray happy paints and coatings to achieve any colour spectrum from RAL, HEX CMYK or PANTONE in sheen levels from dead matt to 100% gloss.


Poly and Foam Display – Using the latest rigging methods we work with clients and communicate with the venues rigging companies supplying loadings and mechanical fixing methods to ensure what ever is hanging over head doesn’t come down to earth until its intended to.

Using lightweight materials and clever positioning of structural support we ensure what is in the air is straight and true. Allowing us to create some great signage and eye catching installs.

We create all manner of polystyrene and foam products from large letters to pop up seating and forms.  Supplying 4 grades of foam from one time use budget friendly density to compacted sculpture grade.

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Poly foam & Suspended Signage

Poly Foam & Suspended Signage
Poly Foam & Suspended Signage
Poly Foam & Suspended Signage
Poly Foam & Suspended Signage
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We provide you with innovative solutions. The flexibility and understanding of our expert team coupled with our in house state of the art equipment allows any project to be custom made to match your requirements, time limits and budget.

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