Paddock Bar


Project Outline

A custom built bar, designed for Newbury Racecourse – This project involved designing an area with the desired aesthetics whilst maintaining full functionality and heritage of the original 1920 building.

The inspiration for the bar was to embrace the original horse stables that previously occupied the space creating a rustic look while providing a flexible event space and fully functioning modern bar.



Before commencement of work

Existing stables of the racecourse, converted into a usable catering and event space. The room needed modernising while keeping the original characteristics of the room.


Initial Renders

This is the final render of the room, the image shows the client almost exactly how the room is going to look and feel. Render help the clients visualise the space but also assists our manufacturing team. Who can understand better the scale and placement of the pieces they’re making.

Some other examples of how the space will look when complete.
Demonstrating finishes and scale. The visuals show how the furniture will fit in the room and how the bar will function, making sure its big enough to operate in.

Paddock bar


Final Product

The final design showcases the rustic style of the room; with a bespoke lighting feature and paddock inspired front bar design.

Paddock Bar portfoilo
Paddock Bar portfoilo
Paddock Bar portfoilo
Paddock Bar portfoilo
Paddock Bar portfoilo
Paddock bar portfoilo
Paddock bar portfoilo
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