Knucklecracker Bar


Project Outline

This was a complete redesign of a space, converting two separate bar/food serving areas into one spacious, beautiful bar. With a minimalistic but elegant aesthetic. The inspiration came from the history of The Hennessey Gold Cup winner of 1960; Knucklecracker, this bar is named after this winning race horse. The project brief involved making a space that was not only beautifully designed but also functioned better than the previous layout.

Design and Create Solutions


Before commencement of work

The Knucklecracker Bar was previously a fast-food kiosk and bar, separated by a partitioned wall. The bar was cramped with little space for storage and a small section of bar surface. The main goal for this space was to create more storage and a bigger bar area whilst also creating an elegant designed space


Initial Render

This was the render created to scale, to help visualise and understand how the bar is going to look and function. With precise sizes and measurements made, it is possible to then plan in more depth how the bar is going to work.

Restaurant Design and Build Service


Final product

The final design showcases the bars custom Knucklecracker sign and bespoke LED shelving. The grey wood panelling along the front of the bar provides an interesting feature as well as being practical; as they can be removed to access the beer pythons behind.

Knucklecracker 5
Knucklecracker 4
Knucklecracker 3
Knucklecracker 2
Knucklecracker 1
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