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Project Outline

This was a complete redesign of a space, Creating a bespoke coffee station unit. With a minimalistic but elegant aesthetic. This unit design has sleek curves and a clean white finishes;  The project brief involved making a space that was not only
beautifully designed but also havign an effective functioning design.

Meeting Pods
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Before commencement of work

This space was previously a warehouse, converted into a fully functioning car dealership.  The main goal for this space was to create storage and a bigger coffee unit area whilst also creating an elegant designed space.


Initial Renders

This was the render created to scale, to help visualise and understand how the coffee unit is going to look and function. With precise sizes and measurements made, it is possible to then plan in more depth how the unit is going to work.

Meeting Pods


Final Product

The final design showcases the custom coffee unit with bespoke LED lighting and curved service worktop. The white curved panel along the front of the unit provides an interesting feature as well as being practical; as the unit utilises the space.

Big Motoring world
Big Motoring world
Big Motoring world
Big Motoring world
Big Motoring world
Big motoring world
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